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Gasoline Level Indicator

December 21, 2022

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Most industrial storage tanks hold large volumes of liquid products with a high monetary value. Additionally, people follow the principle that the larger the tank, the greater the financial burden of inaccurate operations. As a result, tank gauging is recommended for liquid measurement in storage tanks to precisely determine the volume of the product stored.

McCabe & Sons, Inc. has produced tools that enhance and simplify tank gauging and inventory verification of petroleum and petrochemicals since the 1930’s. One of the company’s most significant products is the McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste.

McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste

The McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste is an innovative tank gauging paste that changes from light blue to dark blue when immersed in petroleum products. It was initially designed to work with light or volatile hydrocarbons which tended to evaporate from the gauging device before you could read the measurement. The paste color change does not disappear, thus giving one more time to gauge the product accurately. While designed for light hydrocarbons, the McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste also performs well with light crude oil, plant oils, and other petrochemicals.

The indicator paste has a three-year shelf life and should be stored between 45°F and 85°F (7°C and 29°C). It features a thick, toothpaste-like consistency and is available in a 4 oz./113 g size. Net Wt. Jar.

To get accurate results from the gasoline level indicator paste, follow the instructions below:

  1. Apply a smooth, even coat of the paste to the bob or gauging device where the air/product interface is anticipated.
  2. Lower the bob or gauging device just into the product and leave it immersed for five to ten seconds. One should consider the weight or viscosity of the product as heavier products may necessitate a longer immersion time.
  3. When reading the results, the paste will change color at the air/product interface making a distinct demarcation with light blue above and dark blue below.

Check out our brochure for more product information.

Petroleum Products That Work With McCabe’s Gasoline Level Indicator Paste

Petroleum products are produced from crude oil and other hydrocarbons contained in natural gas. McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste is commonly used to gauge the following products:


Gasoline is a petroleum refining product that varies in composition and frequently contains chemical additives such as antiknock agents, antioxidants, lubricants, and detergents. It quickly became the most preferred automotive vehicle fuel due to its high combustion energy and capacity to mix easily with air in a carburetor.


Diesel fuel, also widely recognized as diesel oil, is a highly flammable fuel commonly used in trucks, tractors, and automobiles. It is typically derived from crude oil fractions that are less volatile than those used to produce gasoline. In addition, it is ignited by the heat of compressed air in a diesel engine’s cylinder.


Kerosene, also known as paraffin or paraffin oil, is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid frequently utilized as a fuel. It has a distinct odor and is generally pale yellow or colorless. Moreover, kerosene is a petroleum product used as an energy source for jet engines and a solvent for pesticides and lubricating oils.

#2 Heating Oil

Heating oil, also known as #2 heating oil, is a liquid petroleum-derived hydrocarbon product with a low viscosity. It is primarily used in boilers and furnaces, essential in heating residential and commercial spaces.

Jet Fuel

Jet fuel, also known as aviation turbine fuel (ATF), is a colorless, refined kerosene-based fuel used in aircraft powered by turbine or jet engines. They are usually made by combining and refining various crude oil petroleum distillation products to adhere to specific military or commercial specifications.


Naphtha is a term used to describe a class of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures primarily used as solvents, diluents, or raw materials in gasoline production. It is also known as the lightweight petrochemical feedstock separated from crude oil in the fractional distillation process alongside kerosene and jet fuel.

High-Quality Indicator Pastes From McCabe & Sons

McCabe & Sons only produces the highest-quality indicator pastes that will expedite the inventory control of petroleum products. We have also built an outstanding and strong reputation through direct involvement in various industries, including service stations, petroleum terminals, refining facilities, pipeline companies, fuel dealers, inspection industry, and the barge and shipping industries.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our exceptional detection pastes!

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