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Why Use Water Level Indicator Paste?

October 28, 2022

McCabe H2O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste
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Most may think that fuel tanks are tightly sealed units. However, consider that water is a natural element of the atmosphere, and fuel tanks are not completely resistant to it. If water is not detected, it can impact the quality and efficiency of the product. It can cause engine or burner damage, resulting in lower mileage per gallon, poor combustibility, and even total engine or burner failure. This problem can be solved in a variety of ways, but one of the most effective methods is to use a water level indicator paste.

Since 1930, McCabe & Sons, Inc. has been developing tools to improve and facilitate the accuracy of tank gauging and inventory verification of bulk liquids, primarily petroleum and petrochemicals. The McCabe H₂O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste is one of the company’s most profound products.

Benefits Of Using Water Level Indicator Paste

A water level indicator paste, also referred to as water-finding paste, helps determine the presence of water in petroleum products. These include gasoline, ethanol gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, kerosene, and the like. Water usually settles to the bottom of the tank as it is heavier than oil, which makes it easier to detect using a few simple tools.

There are numerous ways water can enter a tank: delivered with the product, tank leakage, condensation, and precipitation. A few water droplets are harmless, but as they accumulate, they can cause serious damage to the fuel tank and engine, including corrosion, cracks or holes, and damaged vents.

By using a water level indicator paste, you can prevent the following problems from occurring:

Bacterial microbes

Water creates the ideal breeding ground for bacterial microbes, which causes to decrease your system’s efficiency. Once these microbes reach the fuel supply line, they could prevent a boiler from performing optimally or even cause it to fail completely. Bacteria also produce acid, which can decimate your tank, fuel lines, filter, burners, and increase sludge.


The interior of the tank begins to corrode when water is left inside for an extended period. One of the most common causes of injector problems is corrosion, which will eventually result in leaks and other serious issues that will cause your system to shut down.


Water freezes at 0°C. If your fuel contains water, it can freeze and form ice crystals during the winter months. These can cause fuel system wear, fuel filter blockages, and corrosion damage by expanding inside larger cracks.


Water can cause abrasive wear as it has a lower viscosity than fuel, which results in less lubrication between opposing surfaces of moving parts.


Water produces iron oxide or rust when it comes into contact with iron or steel surfaces, which could then damage equipment parts and machinery.

McCabe H₂O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste

The McCabe H₂O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste is a dark green paste that turns dark red in direct contact with water. It has a toothpaste-like consistency and is packaged in a 3.75 oz./106 g. Net Wt. jar. It also has a shelf life of three years and should always be stored between 45-85°F or 7-29°C.

This water level indicator paste offers a simple, instant visual solution for checking the presence and depth of water in a storage tank. Simply follow the instructions below to get the results you are looking for:

  1. Apply a smooth, even coat of the paste to the bob or gauging device in the area where you expect to find free water.
  2. Lower the gauging device through the petroleum to the tank’s bottom and leave it there for 5 seconds or more. Keep in mind that heavier products or oils may require a longer immersion time.
  3. Take note of the color variations. When there is water present, the green paste turns dark red, in contrast to the green color above the water level.
  4. When reading the results, note a straight and clear distinction on the gauging device.

Check out our website for more product information, or watch this video on how to use our McCabe H₂O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste.

Choose McCabe & Sons, Inc. For High-Quality Indicator Pastes

McCabe & Sons, Inc. has expanded its capabilities through decades of experience and its direct involvement in doing business with service stations, petroleum terminals, refining facilities, the barge and shipping industries. We also expand our knowledge through calibration, laboratory analysis, and inventory control. Because of our company’s growth, we produce only the highest quality products for our customers’ water and gasoline level indicator needs.

Contact us now for more information on our exceptional indicator pastes!

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